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French Coat of Arms Cushion Cover

$280 SGD

This Museum Collection gobelin cushion cover shows a French Coat of Arms. It is shown on a Fleur de Lis background. The fleur-de-lis has been used by French royalty and throughout history representing Catholic saints of France; particularly Virgin Mary and St. Joseph are depicted with a lily.

This cushion is woven in Belgium on a jacquard loom with 100% chenille cotton thread. It is lined with a beige velvet backing and closes with a zipper. The gobelin quality is obtained by a denser, thicker weft and as such is somewhat heavier than the regular tapestry quality.

Size is 45x45 cms (18'x18').

Please note that this offer does not include the inner.

Fabric Care: dry cleaning

Origin : woven and finished in Belgium

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