G. Shponko

Girl in a yellow dress

$3,800 SGD

Oil painting of  “Girl in a yellow dress”.

Oil on cardboard, 1970s, Ukrainian artist G. Shponko.

Oil painting, 1970s

Artist: G. Shponko.

*Year: 1970s

*Materials: Oil on Cardboard


*Height: 35cm 

*Width: 50cm 

*Unframed on cardboard


About the artist: Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the Union of Artists of the Ukrainian SSR. Born on June 9, 1926 in the Zaporozhye region in the village of Balki in the family of a medical assistant.

He drew a lot since childhood, thanks to which he successfully passed the entrance exam to the republican art secondary school in Kiev. After graduation, he entered the Kiev Art Institute, where he studied in the battle-historical workshop under the guidance of Professor Trokhimenko KD Also, his teachers were Sharonov M. A., Eleva K. M., Melikhov G. S. The artist graduated from the institute in 1954 with honors. In the same 1954 he joined the Union of Artists of Ukraine on the recommendations of T. Yablonskaya, K. D. Trokhimenko and M. M. Shavikina

After graduation, he worked as an artist at the Kiev Opera House under the direction of A. Petritsky. Thanks to the experience gained while working on the diploma painting “Admiral Nakhimov,” he took part in restoring the Sevastopol panorama, which suffered during the Second World War. The work was carried out under the guidance of Academician P.P. Sokolov-Skal.

The artist's works took part in many international, all-Union and republican exhibitions.


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