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Greek Catholic Rosary Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Necklace

$860 SGD
Handmade by artisans in Italy using unique semi precious stones and sterling silver. Use as rosary or wear it as a necklace.
  • 8 mm round Afgan Lapis Lazuli beads for the Ave Maria.
  • 10 mm round Afgan Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver capped beads for the Pater Noster's.
  • Sterling Silver spacers.
  • Each Pater bead is separated by Sterling enameled separator crosses.
  • 2 small Ruby rondelle beads near the Triangle.
  • Sterling Silver Crucifix: 50 x 30 mm. With Memento Mori - Typical Greek style.
  • Total length : 52 cm
  • Total weight : 74.3 gm

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