Slightly Sparkling

$145 SGD

The Hakugakusen brand was established in 2001 by Takeshi Yasumoto, 47th-generation owner and toji of Yasumoto Shuzo. The family however has been brewing sake for close to 200 years. Yasumoto revolutionised the brewing process and breathed new life into the brewery’s method, but nevertheless remained committed to the fundamental principles of traditional techniques.

The Hakugakusen Slightly Sparkling has a complex aroma that consists of fruity and floral notes. Flavours of white peach, apple, melon, white flowers, and hints of green bamboo combine to produce a clear and slightly sparkling sake that has, at once, both elegance and depth. The natural carbonation of the sake water produces a gentle fizz that matches the light sweetness of rice.

Region: Fukui Prefecture

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Kake-Rice: Ginnosato, 45% polishing

Koji-Rice: Ginnosato, 45% polishing

Alcohol: 16.5%

SMV: +4.5

Size: 720m

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