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Jasper Catholic Military 550 Paracord Rosary Necklace

$500 SGD
The Jasper (Military) 550 Paracord Rosary is an exclusive, special and very powerful Paracord Rosary.

The beads are triple-A high quality Jasper gemstones; completely cleansed and purified.

Made of stainless unbreakable silver which carries on it the holy sigil symbolizing our Christ's nails on the cross of his Crucifixion.

The specific handmade rosary has been made by experts and during its creation protective prayers were used for each bead and is tightly knotted.

The Jasper Military 550 Paracord Rosary is a rosary that is made to last.

It is a very durable and strong Paracord Rosary specifically designed for mountain rangers, for climbers and hiking, for medics, for the military individuals, for people on heavy duty, for first responders, for outdoorsmen.
Handmade in Greece.

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