Junmai Daiginjo

$138 SGD

Founded by Yososaku Obata in 1892, OBATA SHUZO prides itself for using the traditional handmade methods, with great appreciation for the abundant nature that surrounds the beautiful island.

With pure, soft groundwater, and world-famous sake rice, Sado is known as an excellent place for sake.

Made using Koshitanrei rice from Sado Island. Oyster shells is used to enrich the irrigation water on the rice fields used to make this sake. It has a rich tropical fruit aroma and citrus acidity with a refreshing and fragrant fruity taste. Goes well with meat dishes.

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Koshitanrei

Polish: 35%

SMV: +3

ABV: 16.5%


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