Ibaraki Tokumasamune

Junmai Ginjo Omachi

$85 SGD

Ibaraki Tokumasamune Junmai Ginjo Omachi

Made with 100% Omachi Rice, this full-bodied Junmai Ginjo has a soft and gentle flavor. The nature of the rice brings out a wide variety of umami and the environment of each brewery allows the Omachi to express differently. Due to this level of complexity, it has a long after-taste with multiple transitions of flavours. 

It is a sake with a soft, plump and gentle taste unique to Omachi. The slightly umami taste that remains in the aftertaste goes well with meat dishes.

ABV 15%

SMV +0

Polishing 50%


Tasting note : Eloquent ,expressive invigorate, with ancient rice mouthfeel. 

Food Pairing : With quality omakase, kaiseki style cuisine and meat dishes.

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