Nakadori Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi (1800ml)

$950 SGD

Bizen is the old name of a province of Japan that is location in Southeast Okayama, which Okayama City is located. It is currently also a name of a City in Okayama, from where Bizen pottery is famous. They are also famous for growing Omachi rice, which is known as the original Sakamai.

This sake has slightly different characteristic from your usually Juyondai. It is still Fruity & Juicy, but with a hint of spice and herbs.

A Juyondai with a unique twist, it has a lot of character.

Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Rice type: Omachi

ABV 15%

Polishing 50%

Prefecture: Yamagata

Brewery: Takagi Shuzo


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