Luciole oil burner

$250 SGD

The beautiful Luciole oil burner, which takes its name from the French for firefly, elevates your home scent and ambience with 12 haute couture essences and a delicate soft glow. Unique, decorative, and innovatively designed, the Luciole creates a luxuriously scented atmosphere, fully tailored to your preferred mood by mixing and matching oils from the Maison 21G collection. Made from an elegant combination of dark wood, opulent faceted glass, and golden brass, it is a truly eye-catching statement piece, showcasing your love of functional design and flawless craftsmanship. Best of all, it requires no electricity, and only requires a regular tea light candle and your selection of natural fragrance oils to fill your room with an opulent scent ambience. 

*Shipping to Singapore only.

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