$160 SGD

Symphony of Love selection is perfect for turning up the heat in your bedroom or living room, unveiling deeply sensual and carnal fragrance combinations that are sure to set hearts racing.

Tonka, powdery, nutty and warm, its delicate oriental sweetness brings an irresistible allure to your home.

Havana, spicy, woody, leathery, a timeless addiction for any seductive evening. Vanilla, gourmand, comforting, and earthy-leathery, the effortless aphrodisiac aroma your need to increase your libido.

Amber, intriguing, spicy and hypnotic, your must Have sensual ambiance scent.

A full moon shaped scented wax candle.

Add a second Full Moon candle of your set to create your pairing and discover a new blend scent that will fill the air.4 x Petite Pleine Lune Candles of 100 g (3.53 Oz) each

A luxury box to tidy your set of Full Moon scented candle with 100% natural scented soy wax, cruelty-free, without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances or phthalates, recyclable packaging.

- Burning time: 25 hours

- Recommended burn time: 2 to 4 hours.

- Allow the candle to solidify before re-lighting.

*Shipping to Singapore only.

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