Nakata Hanger

Nakata for Kevin Seah Mars Brown Beech Wood Suit Hanger

$100 SGD
One of the most stylish impressions representing Nakata hanger, an all-purpose hanger that combines functionality and design.Ergonomically designed with a smooth curve, thick shoulders, and rounded neck, this is truly a proper hanger to keep your jacket in shape.

The hangers are made with a felt bar for your trousers. Just balance and hang it to prevent slipping.

The KEVIN SEAH logo is engraved on this exclusive hangers. 
Comes in two sizes:  430mm (Recommended for Jacket shoulders 17 inches and above) 380mm (Recommended for Jacket shoulders 17 inches and below) 

Thickness: 57mm 

Wood: Beech

Color: Mars Brown

Color of Metal Fitting: Gold

  • The colors of the listed products are as close as possible to the actual colors, but they may look different depending on the device you are using. 

  • As wood is a natural material, there may be a slight inconsistency for every product. The shape of the product would always be consistent.  


This product is shipped from Singapore and will be delivered in 3 days. 

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