Nakata Hanger

Smoked Brown Beech Wood Trousers Hanger (Set of 5)

$220 SGD

Nakata Hanger Trouser Hanger (Set of 5) - AUT-11

Space-saving smart trousers hanger. It has an appropriate thickness, does not wrinkle, and has an excellent anti-slip effect. The popular AUT-11 is now a set of 5. All you have to do is hang the slacks on the bar.
Since one side is open, it is smooth when removing the slacks.
The secret that makes it difficult to leave marks on it is the moderate thickness and smooth felt. These two elements keep your precious clothes beautiful.

Width/ Thickness: 380mm/ 20mm 

Wood: Beech

Color: Smoked Brown

Color of Metal Fitting: Chrome

  • The colors of the listed products are as close as possible to the actual colors, but they may look different depending on the device you are using.

  • As wood is a natural material, there may be a slight inconsistency for every product. The shape of the product would always be consistent.  


This product is shipped from Japan and will be delivered in 7 - 14 days. 

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