Silver Ostrich

New Mexico

$600 SGD

The "New Mexico" belt has a fine line engraved, a very particular buckle made entirely of 925 silver, and its punching on the back.

Clean line: just a buckle, no tip or loops.

A precious material for a unique accessory, created and designed by us and then handcrafted by our best Italian craftsmen.

This is the most precious Silver Ostrich buckle, combined with durable brown suede, leather very pleasant to the touch for its consistency and thickness, which enhances its "elegant simplicity" with a strangle closure.

It has the same proportions as the "Versailles", with a shrinkage ranging from 3.6 to 2 cm.

Height of the buckle: 2 cm.

Fit: A very comfortable belt with a particular strangle closure that remains firmly in place. Unisex

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