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Palo Santo Set Incense Holder 2 Piece Set

$120 SGD

Use the relaxing aroma of Palo Santos or incense to cleanse energies and spread blessings around you. Our ceramic, heat-safe dishes are designed for the functional minimalist, bringing positivity to your space and mind.

The dish is made with a matte, rough finish to look similar to natural stone. A marriage of grey with dark speckle throughout and a beige undertone to compliment any living space.

Incense dish
Dimensions - 13 cm x 13 cm x 3.5 cm
A dish that brings harmony to your space. Functions as both an incense burner as well as a palo santos burner.

Palo Santo | Sage Dish
Dimensions - Width 9.5 cm x Height 6.5 cm

Where design meets function. A piece created to hold your favourite sages and holy woods with matches.

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