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Purification and protection kit

$150 SGD

The purification and protection kit consists of:

- A bundle of white sage (apiana sage), about 10cm
An ancient spiritual ritual, the fumigation of white sage purifies energetically and emotionally

- 3 sticks of palo santo
Natural and sacred incense, it has purifying properties
Eco-compatible: our products are 100% environmentally friendly; harvesting is done without causing damage to living trees. We exclusively offer products that have been obtained from tree branches fallen for natural reasons in the forests of Ecuador

- An extra quality labradorite pebble (3 to 5cm)
Labradorite is an essential stone of protection. It plays both the role of shield and sponge. As a shield because in its presence, labradorite protects against the evils of others. Sponge because it absorbs negative energies and dissolves them.

- A raw black tourmaline (3 to 5cm)
Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones of protection. Tourmaline helps to purify and feel grounded and protects against negative energies and radiation.

Each kit is sent in a 20 x 15cm kraft box, reusable, the crimp is 100% ecological and biodegradable.

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