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Purification and recharging kit

$110 SGD

Purification and recharging kit consisting of:

- A bundle of white sage, about 10cm
An ancient spiritual ritual, the fumigation of white sage purifies energetically and emotionally

- A palo santo stick
Natural and sacred incense, it has purifying properties
Eco-compatible: our products are 100% environmentally friendly; harvesting is done without causing damage to living trees. We exclusively offer products that have been obtained from tree branches fallen for natural reasons in the forests of Ecuador

- A bar of raw selenite 8 to 10cm (unpolished, which may have roughness and natural irregularities)
it soothes the environment, it is a very effective transmitter of positive energies which wards off negative waves and gets rid of energetic parasites.

-A 10cm wooden flower of life
Ideal for recharging your stones and your spiritual objects

Each kit is sent in a 20x15cm kraft box, reusable, the crimp is 100% ecological and biodegradable and comes with a leaflet including purification and charging information.

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