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Sei-Fu, Fresh Breeze, Selects by Shoyeido Incense Sticks

$120 SGD

'Sei-fu emits the scent of premium sandalwood and notes of high end aloeswood. This is an addictive incense and very popular for high-end incense users. A well rounded daily premium incense from Shoyeido.'

A blend of premium sandalwood, clove, cinnamon and spices.
100% natural ingredients, no synthetic oils or fragrances.
Made in Japan.
Bundle of 35 sticks, 13cm in length.
Approx burn time: 30 mins per stick.

Shoyeido Selects are the perfect incense for savoring anytime - casual enough for everyday use, but with a level of refinement that makes them appropriate for special occasions, too. Each Select recipe is made from premium natural ingredients and fine base aromatics.


Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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