AP Limited Editions


$18,600 SGD

Snow Monkeys at the Onsen

Maki-e Lacquer Art

Size: 145mm

Nib: Gold: EF/F/M/B

Coverter Filler

AP Limited Editions celebrates the Old World Monkeys native to Japan known as Japanese Macaques in a joyful expression of a family of three basking in the warmth and comfort of the healing waters of a Japanese hot spring or Onsen. Nagano prefecture in Japan is home to many natural hot springs and it is a spectacular and joyful sight to watch Monkeys de-stress as humans do. The highest level of Maki-e craft namely Shishiai-Togidashi-Maki-e (a technique that combines raised and burnished maki-e) is used to define this tranquil moment of peace.

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