Caviar d'Eden


$122 SGD
A new and modern approach to caviar production, combining old traditions with new methods to create an unrivalled bouquet of exquisite flavours. Our Black Selection pleases all black caviar connoisseurs, especially those who prefer a lighter diet. Experience caviar just as fishers do when they catch sturgeon on the banks of the river. This is a true taste, pure, delicate and free from preservatives. 

Species of sturgeon:
Siberian sturgeon caviar (Acipenser baerii) 
Caviar packed from a single fish, not mixed. Eggs are unbroken and of the same color 
Eggs are tender with an adequate amount of fluid and separable 
From black to grey
Average size is 2,8 mm with a variance from 2.5 to 3 mm depending on the method of measurement 
High to premium
Pleasant, in the best traditional manner 
Traditional, by killing the fish
Salt content:
Shelf life:
Up to 12 months
*100g comes with 2 spoons.
250g comes with 5 spoons and opener.

Recommended serving:

1 Person (or 2 if just tasting): 30g-50g

2 Person: 50g-100g
4-6 people: 125g-250g
6-12 people: 250g+

Storing Caviar / Caviar Shelf Life
We recommend consuming caviar within 3 weeks of purchasing, but when stored correctly, small tins of vacuum sealed caviar can last 3-6 months, larger tins up to a year.

The ideal temperature for storing unpasteurized caviar is 0° – 4° to preserve optimal quality. The bottom, back part of the fridge is the coldest. Additionally, you can put your unopened tin in a bowl of ice in the fridge. Since caviar is salted, it's freezing point is a bit lower.

It's best to consume the whole tin once opened. However, opened caviar can be preserved for a few extra days by placing a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the caviar before applying lid. This will minimize the caviar's contact with air and increase its shelf life.

Osetra caviar should not be frozen, as the firm texture may be compromised.

All food items are limited to delivery in Singapore only. 

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