Kevin Seah

Vintage 18K Gold Plique-à-Jour Mary Bi Color Pendant

$2,800 SGD

A very remarkable 18 K Gold pendant, dating back to 1954, but its style indicates that the medal was conceived much earlier, probably in the 1930's.

1) It has measurements of 25 x 17 mm ( without bail )

2) Its weight 3.04 grams.

3) It is made using the “Plique-à-jour” technique : Plique-à-jour (French for "letting in daylight") is a vitreous enameling technique where the enamel is applied in cells, similar to cloisonné, but with no backing in the final product, so light can shine through the transparent or translucent enamel. This is an extremely difficult technique.

4) The pendant is high relief and made in France. It has two color enamel - red and blue which is uncommon.

5) The pendant is dated 25 April 1954 and has an F.B. stylized monogram.

6) The chain in the picture is NOT included in the offer.

7) Eagle French 18K Carat hallmark.


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