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Antique BloodStone & Vermeil Rosary Necklace

$2,800 SGD

Vintage French Catholic Rosary dating from 1919 with 7 rare medals in precious metals.
Circa 1919.

This large rosary with blodstone beads and Vermeil cross and center dates from 1919 as may be witnessed from the First Communion Medal.

Blood Stone or Heliotrope is a green Gemstone with blood red streaks that was used in Rosaries as the red streaks reminded of the Blood of Christ.

The Rosary are 7 rare medals made of different precious metals. 

10.56 mm average dia. Gemstone Blood stone ( Heliotrope) beads for the Ave Marias and same 11.6 mm beads, but Vermeil capped, for the Pater Nosters, also in same gemstone. 

Vermeil is Sterling silver electroplated with Gold.
Vermeil main cross , 55 x 35 mm without the bail. 

Total length : 60 cm (24 inches).
Weight : 119 grams
All metal parts of this rosary are Vermeil : Chains, Center, Bead caps, rings, and Crucifix.

Made in France.

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