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Vintage Ceramano Keramik vase

$380 SGD

Vintage vase 252 of Ceramano Keramik in dark red glaze in different tones of red.

Circa 1970s.

Manufacturer: Ceramano Kunstkeramik Ransbach - Baumbach . West Germany


Height : 14 cm

Width : 11 cm.

With handle 13 cm.

Weight : 369 grams.

About Ceramano Keramik:

In 1959 Jakob Schaderlapp , the owner of the Jasba Keramik factory, established the Ceramano Kunstkeramik.

The leader of the factory was his son Willy Schaderlapp, the most famous designers were Gerda Heuckeroth and Hans Welling.
Ceramano produced high quality ceramic, for the exclusive marked.

Sadly the Ceramano factory had to be closed in 1984.

allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

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