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Vintage Crystal and Silver Duck Decanter

$800 SGD

Glass And Silver Brass Duck Carafe.

Circa 1900s.

Carafe in the shape of a duck, with an articulated spout, allowing the contents to flow.
Its head as well as its cone-shaped tail are made of silvered brass, shaped in such a way as to visualize the plumage of the waterfowl.

From the animal's neck starts an S-shaped handle of the same ribbed metal. It descends along his back, remaining suspended. The body is transparent, in cut glass to represent its wings.

This original object rests on a circular base in silvered brass, also worked.
A whimsical carafe that can brighten up your everyday dinners, or become the essential for your hunting meals.

Maximum width: 26.5 cm
Maximum depth: 11 cm
Height: 25.5cm
Possible capacity: 0.900 liters

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