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Vintage Japanese Chasen - Matcha Whisk

$220 SGD

This shiratake white bamboo chasen is tied with five different coloured threads. Featuring the same number of tines and delicately curved shape as a standard shin chasen, this whisk's colourful threads give it a fun and playful personality. Made by Suikaen.

The shin (真) shape is one of the most popular due to its elegant curves, and is prefered by students of both Urasenke and Omotesenke schools of tea ceremony (though the dark bamboo is more popular with Omotesenke). Having roughly 64 tines, the shin chasen sits in between dedicated usucha chasen which have lots of thin tines, and dedicated koicha chasen, which have fewer but thicker tines. This makes shin-type chasen suitable both for whipping up a fine, foamy usucha and kneading a thick, rich koicha.

Suikaen is headed by Yasaburo Tanimura (谷村弥三郎), a 25th generation chasen maker who has carried on his family's 500 year old tradition and is one of the only 18 remaining chasen masters. These whisks are made from locally grown bamboo in the small village of Takayama (高山) in northwest Nara prefecture, famed as the only chasen making village in Japan.

Unlike mass-produced matcha whisks, these chasen are entirely handmade, without the use of machines or chemicals to expedite the bamboo growing, drying, or shaping processes, requiring immense time and skill to craft. As such, Takayama chasen have finer, more flexible tines and a greater attention to detail, which not only makes them more beautiful, but also easier and more enjoyable to use and more durable in the long run.

After use, be sure to clean your chasen by whisking it in a bowl of water or running it under the tap, using your fingers or a cloth to remove any matcha that has stuck to the tines. Avoid soaps as these can damage the porous bamboo. Stand the whisk up and let it air dry thoroughly. This will ensure that the tines keep their shape longer and prevents mold growth. To further reshape the tines, you can use a kusenaoshi, or matcha whisk shaper.


2.1cm (0.8in) - width at handle
11cm (4.3in) - height

Vintage item.

Circa 2000.

Brand new.

Handmade in Japan.

Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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