Kevin Seah

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with 31 Rare Pristine Religious Enameled Medals

$2,800 SGD

An ancient style old hand made Sterling Silver box chain, with Sterling Roman clasp, to which are attached 31 antique and vintage enameled Religious medals.

Circa 1990s.

The particularities of this bracelet are as follows:

1) All medals are in pristine condition although all are between 50 to over 100 years old.

2) All medals are blue enameled on both sides.

3) All medals represent the Virgin Mary, most of them in Lourdes.

4) Many are sterling, some gold plated, some Liberty style. 

5) Length is 21 cm. (8.4 inches)

The clasping system and the type of chain will allow simple reduction of length.

Can be worn as necklace with chain extensions. (Not provided).

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