Royal Selangor

Whale Decanter

$780 SGD

The whale decanter is made from pewter and clear European glass. Wine is poured into the whale decanter through its blowhole at the top by using a special funnel that both sieves and aerates the wine. This funnel directs the wine towards the decanter's inner walls. So instead of a straight drop, the wine cascades along the walls and is prevented from bruising. The whale's tail doubles as a handle and wine is poured out through the whale's mouth. This horizontal position allows for quicker sedimentation (sediments to settle at the bottom of the decanter) and helps prevent the sediments from being disturbed when the wine is poured.

The funnel comes together with the decanter as a set. 

Decanter H11cm x 30.5cm x 11.5cm x 1L, Funnel 7cm x Dia 8cm

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