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White Celadon Matcha Bowl

$180 SGD
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: Diameter 12.5cm Width 12.5 cm x Height 7.5cm
  • Origin: Japan Kyoto ceramic Kyo yaki
  • Handmade in Japan.

This is a white porcelain blue clay matcha tea bowl by Tosen.

The intricate penetration that is born makes the tea bowl stand out even more.

The white porcelain of the Tosen kiln is an earthenware celadon with a penetration.
It is a little milky texture. As the tea stains soak into the kannyu, the surface of the white porcelain changes slightly.

It is the tea bowl of Tosenkyo which conveys the traditional tortoiseshell kannyu white porcelain to the present. It is a vessel to be patronized for a long time.

The name "Kougun" is an alias used for the tea ceremony of Tosen-gama.

It is a beautiful matcha bowl with plumped feldspar glaze. It brings out the color of the matcha in an elegant color.

As they are handmade, the shape, color, and size vary from one to the next.

Kindly allow 10-12 days for delivery.

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